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Because Colombian boas can get quite large, they are not suitable pets for children, and they can be difficult and costly to house and feed as adults. Even the most handleable Boas can behave aggressively without warning or provocation, and one should always use caution when approaching or handling large Boa Constrictors.

In captivity, Colombian Boas should be provided both climbing area and plenty of ground space. Younger, smaller boas tend to climb more than their larger counterparts, but some individuals continue to climb regularly, even as very large adults. Branches need to be sturdy and arranged in such a way that the boa cannot get stuck between branches. For large specimens, it is often more practical to make an elevated perch for them to bask on, than to furnish the cage with a branch capable of supporting them. A 6' high by 5' long by 3' deep enclosure is the minimum size recommended for a large adult. Indoor/outdoor carpeting, astro turf, newspaper, and aspen bedding are all suitable substrates; however, particularly for large snakes and enclosures, using aspen bedding or newspaper will make cage cleaning much simpler. Most Colombian Boas will soak frequently, particularly when they are preparing to shed or defecate, which soaking helps them to do. Because of this, they will need a large water bowl that they cannot easily tip, and it will most likely need to be cleaned fairly often.

Keep their ambient day temperature about 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, a basking spot in the low 90s, and the humidity moderate to high. During the night, you should drop the temperature to between 70 and 75 degrees.

In the wild, breeding generally occurs during the rainy season. In captivity sexual maturity can be reached at three years of age, but older, larger females are generally much better breeders. Only females with good body weight should be bred. The gestation lasts four to ten months. The Colombian Boa is a livebearer, bearing up to 60 young at one time. The young are anywhere from 14 to 24 inches long and weigh two to three ounces. The young generally do not eat until after their first shed, which is approximately one week after birth.

If you do intend to breed your Colombian Boas it is recommended that you feed additional food to both the males and females prior to breeding so as to increase body weight. Skinny snakes should not be bred.

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